youYour Health and Well-being

The healthy state of our body and mind leaves no room for complacency. Our positive health and “well-being” is our every concern. Whilst some strive for simply better, others focus on peak performance. The reality is that each and every one of us, no matter what our state of body or mind, values improvement in order to enjoy the riches of everyday life. An active lifestyle is key to effective body function but “you are what you eat”. Your biology, your chemistry, your performance is governed by what you ingest and the richness of diet. Variation in foods is vital as each food drives the organs by which we live, breathe and act.

The Wonders of Nature

Nature intended that we live by the land, by the elements that cultivate the land and by the harvest derived as a bi-product of nature. Whether it is Mother Nature’s basic first food in milk, water, meat, fruit or vegetables our health is subject to perfect proportions in
each –  and in the absence of one you will find a suitable alternative to restore equilibrium.

We live with daily oxidative damage to our body. As iron rusts so our body cells corrode from the free radicals of the oxidation process. Nature gave us a means of defence in the food that we eat – amongst others the nutrients of fruit or phytonutrients of plants. Why would you ignore Mother Nature?

Mangosteen, now available as Vie100, is true a marvel of nature.