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Interest and engagement spreads fast on a high-powered innovative diet supplement backed by robust scientific support as registered in USA National Centre for Biotechnology Information. A reported 400 plus medical papers written on the health attributes of mangosteen and/or its constituent parts between 2009 & 2014. If you wish to talk to us about agency/distribution rights please do not hesitate to use our contact page.

February 2014 Vie100 Mangosteen Platinum Distributors Infographic

New Agents:

Singapore: October 2013
Contact: Alfaseeh Maricar.
Address: Arrowline Healthcare Pte Ltd.
26 Sin Ming Lane Midview City #08-128
Singapore 573971
T: +65 6492 6985

Australia: November 2013
Contact: Blair Triplett
Address: Studio 316, 87 Gladstone Street
South Melbourne,
Victoria 3205 Australia
T: +61 417 327 752

North America: October 2013
Contact: Josh Naylor
Address: Morgan Imports
1338 W. Fillmore
Chicago IL 60607. USA
T: +1 (312) 203-4812
Website Under construction

Taiwan: January 2014
Contact: Eliot Lin
Address: Positive Health,
54 lane, Tai Shun Street
Taipei, Taiwan ROC
T: +1 (312) 203-4812
Website: To be developed

Austria: October 2013
Contact: Yvonne Fricke
Address: Downtown Vienna,
dtvie gmbh
Fleischmarkt 11, 1010 Vienna
T: +43 664 8328761
Website: To be developed

Agents under development:
Hong Kong
– Trinidad and Tobago
– Canada
– France
– Spain
– Portugal
– Switzerland

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ArrowLine Healthcare Ltd is a proud member of the HFMA in the UK.

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The HFMA supplies sound information and advice to members, and promotes positive communications and public relations, training and education and the highest quality standards of products and services.

An antioxidant like no other

Mangosteen For A Month

Mangosteen antibiotics against resistant bugs.

September 23th, 2013 – THE ARROWLINE COMPANY.

“The overuse of antibiotics is giving rise to resistant bugs, such that previously treatable infections have become more difficult and costly to tackle. A group of scientists from Singapore and China have synthesised a compound derived from the common mangosteen which can lead to the development of an antibiotic that kills such resistant pathogens.”

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